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Dr. Varma received her doctorate degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has certified training in working with individuals in the perinatal phase of life. The perinatal period is defined as during and up to two years post pregnancy. Parenthood is a journey of ups and downs that challenges one’s identity, responsibilities, time management skills, and ability to care for oneself. Dr. Varma strives to help with managing the emotions that arise with this transition while giving parents the tools for self-care. In addition, Dr. Varma’s training and clinical background has been working with children and adolescents. Dr. Varma started her career in therapeutic day schools and is now utilizing those skills to help parents advocate for their children within a school setting. Dr. Varma has a history of writing goals for Individualized Education Plans and works with parents to better understand the nuances of a school system.

Concurrently, Dr. Varma works with many young adults in various transitions in life (ie: high school to college, college to working life, etc.) Dr. Varma uses a relational and cognitive behavioral approach with individuals to better understand the impact of societal factors on daily life. She will work with you to better understand how you navigate current life stressors, the impact your history may have on these stressors, and how to communicate and advocate for your needs within relationships.

Dr. Varma values a strong cultural approach to her work. She believes that each individual is the expert of their family and environment and will strive to educate herself on each circumstance, through a cultural lens that is preferred by each client. While English is her primary language, she is fluent in both Hindi and Punjabi.


Perinatal mood

mental health


image concerns

Coping with anxiety
and depression

Young adults

Managing workplace
and or school stress


Navigating stressors related to
the South Asian culture and the
stigma of mental health


If you are seeking services out of network, you are subject to receiving a good faith estimate. This will provide an estimated cost for the services billed. Dr. Varma will provide documentation prior to beginning sessions.

Insurances: In network with BCBS PPO, Aetna PPO, and United Healthcare.

Out of pocket fees: $175 per session


Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Mental Health refers to mood and anxiety disorders experienced during and after pregnancy (up to two years postpartum). Included in perinatal mental health is postpartum depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and psychosis. Perinatal disorders affect mothers, fathers, partners, and other caretakers.

Dr. Varma is certified in Perinatal Mental Health and has specialized training through Postpartum Support International (PSI) and 2020 Moms. She is passionate about providing support to help new parents and caregivers as they transition into the role of parenthood. Treatment focuses on helping parents find their identity as a parent, accessing supports, and communicating with partners or other individuals who co-parent. In addition, Dr. Varma focuses on healing, accepting changes, and encouraging parents to engage in self-compassion and self-care.

Young adult transitions

Transitions in life can be difficult. Whether that is a transition from high school to college, college to working life, transitions in relationships, changing jobs, etc. Dr. Varma will work with individuals to find support during these challenging times and help to better navigate through changes in order to smoothly transition. In addition, she will advocate for one’s personal and mental health needs during these transitions.

South Asian Population

Through personal and professional experience, Dr. Varma has a strong understanding of South Asian culture. Mental health in South Asian culture often holds a stigma. Being aware of these stigmas and how they impact one’s well-being is critical in helping clients heal. Dr. Varma will help navigate these stigmas along with changing family narratives that have been in place for centuries. In addition, she will work with individuals to understand how their family culture growing up has, and continues to, impact their world today.

Parent collaboration on IEP and 504 plans

Dr. Varma’s primary training during her education and for the first seven years of her career has been working with children and adolescents. She has worked in therapeutic day schools and has written goals for Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s). In her experience at therapeutic day schools, she learned to help families advocate for their children’s needs and understand their rights as parents. Dr. Varma now uses these skills to help parents better understand IEP and 504 plans, advocate for their children at school, and brainstorm accommodations that are most suitable for the child’s mental health in a school setting. In addition, Dr. Varma is open to attending school meetings on a case-by-case basis.



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